What are the flavors you find in liqueurs?

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Liqueurs come in many different flavors but they are usually made up of simple flavors that have been distilled together. There are three main types of liqueurs; fruit liqueur, cream liqueur and herbaceous liqueur, each with their own distinct characteristics. Fruit based liqueurs like strawberry liqueur or passionfruit liqueur are made by infusing the fruit with alcohol, sugar and water for a few days before distilling it. Lighter flavored fruits like raspberries or strawberries can be used to make beverages that are less sweet than regular distilled spirits because more flavor is left behind in the resulting liquid. Darker fruits like blueberries, cherries or plums will produce richer flavors that taste delicious on their own as an after-dinner drink but also work well mixed into cocktails where they contribute sweetness along with depth from some tannins picked up through the maceration process. Cream liqueurs are similar to fruit liqueur except milk or cream has been added during filtration so these have more of a creamy taste.

Coffee flavored liqueurs are quite popular and include the Irish cream drink Kahlua, Tia Maria and Frangelico. Whisky flavored liqueurs like Drambuie are good for cocktails because they bring whisky flavor to the mix but also work well served on their own with ice or mixed into chocolates as a dessert if you want something rich tasting. Another popular option is creme de menthe which has its origins in Italy where it was originally made using peppermint leaves. This can be sipped over ice after dinner or used in chocolate dishes that require minty flavors. Whatever the flavor, these tropical liqueurs are certainly something else, and a great addition to your home bar.

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4 Revolutionary Technologies That Are Changing the Business World

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What is digital transformation? Digital transformation is an endeavour undertaken by companies to incorporate digital technologies into its everyday operations such as sales, marketing, human resources and management. Digital systems—as opposed to analogue ones—are fast and nimble, allowing an organization to quickly adjust to unexpected supply chain disruptions, sudden market pressures, and erratic customer expectations.

But while hitherto, digital transformation has been seen mainly as a means to increase efficiency and accessibility, recent developments from the tech industry have changed such a view. Some modern technologies are so powerful that a failure to integrate them into your company’s operations may handicap you.

These are the technologies that are powering widespread enterprise digital transformation across all sectors of the economy. They have almost made such transformation a necessity, with early adopters likely accruing large head starts, and late parties at risk of being left behind for good.

Artificial Intelligence
In business, Artificial intelligence simply means the use of intelligent computer software capable of processing and analyzing vast amounts of data to improve business processes. AI can help in all sorts of areas, including but not limited to: raising revenue, improving customer experience, personalizing marketing, and increasing productivity.

In fact AI is so powerful that, according to a report by Accenture, it will increase global productivity by 40%! “AI is no longer a ‘nice to have’ or a set of cool tools to impress management,” states Accenture “AI and data strategies are becoming the very core of business.”

Internet of things
The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to any network of physical objects—things—embedded with sensors, software and other technologies. These ‘smart’ objects connect with each other on a shared network and exchange data to perform useful tasks.

“Few emerging technologies offer more transformative potential for forward-thinking companies than the IoT,” says a report by the Harvard Business Review. “The reason: It combines sensors and sophisticated software analytics to process large volumes of operational data.” IoT applications can create new efficiencies in manufacturing, perform quality control, improve the tracking of physical assets, be used in wearables for human health analytics and enable business process change.

Companies are beginning to see the many benefits of integrating this technology in their businesses. The increased bandwidth speed enabled by the rapid adoption of 5G—upto 100 times faster than 4G—will allow IoT solutions to become much more powerful, so this technology can yet grow much further.

Perhaps the first technology a digital transformation company will turn to integrate is Automation—it’s benefits are immediately obvious. It refers to the process by which business experts encode the models of business processes to create a finished application or software that performs repetitive tasks. This allows human employees to step away from low impact routine tasks and focus on higher value work.

The Gartner report states that Hyper Automation is ‘a state in which organizations use a combination of AI and ML to rapidly identify and automate all possible business processes’. They project that robotic process automation (RPA) will grow by 40% year over year.

More and more companies are utilizing automation for production and manufacturing. The developments in this field have allowed integration of robotics and machine to machine collaboration, allowing many laborious tasks to be completely free of human involvement.

Finally, blockchain is perhaps the newest technology in this list. Although blockchain can be complicated, the core concept is simple: it is merely a decentralized database.

First developed in the creation of Bitcoin, the uses of Blockchain extend beyond cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology gives companies the ability to use a secure distributed ledger for all manner of purposes.

‘A distributed ledger,’ according to Investopedia ‘is a database that is consensually shared and synchronized across multiple sites, institutions, or geographies, accessible by multiple people. It allows transactions to have public “witnesses”‘.

Companies can have their contracts, transactions, financing, record keeping and more stored and secured. A use-case that merits special highlighting is supply chain management. Most systems in a supply chain are composed of separate databases whose records are kept centrally. This can make acquiring verifiable information about shipments and consignments nearly impossible for the person tasked with supply chain management. Blockchain, as you can probably guess, can help enormously with such management of supply chains.

With the indisputable potential these new technologies show, and the exciting innovations sure to come in the near future as they evolve further, companies may fall behind if they’re not pursuing digital transformation with urgency and weight. It is no coincidence that companies who have gone furthest in the integration of such technologies—Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix—are the biggest companies in the world. If an organization wants to scale up onto a higher level, digital transformation is key.

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Why are liqueurs always sweet?

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The ingredients that liqueurs contain vary depending on the type of liquor it is. Some, like passionfruit liqueurs or raspberry liqueurs, are just made from fruit juices, while others have added sugar or honey to them. This makes a difference in taste and chemical composition as well. Liqueurs can be broken down into four main categories: sweet, semi-sweet, bitter, and unflavored or absinthe types.

The other ingredients in liqueurs include water, alcohols such as vodka or gin or even cognac (there are even some liqueurs that contain rum), and sugar syrup containing glucose & fructose sugars derived from corn starch which give it a sweeter flavor than cane sugar would provide alone. It also includes extracts from plants which may be used for flavoring or coloring purposes. Examples of fruit liqueurs include such brands as Campari, Schnapps, and creme de cassis. Ingredients have been added to them to make the drink sweeter or spicier.

Other special ingredients that go into the making of liqueurs are fruit, chocolate, coffee, nutmeg, and peppermint. Fruit infused beverages like strawberry or raspberry liqueur or even passionfruit liqueur, are some of the favorites among liqueur lovers out there. It is apparent that liqueur manufacturers use premium quality ingredients in order to achieve the best possible taste in their beverages, including the fruit and liquor that they use for these. Most use real fruit, rather than preserved fruit or artificial fruit flavors as there is a huge taste difference.

Liqueurs are becoming an ever more popular among many people as these are far easier to use in making fantastic tasting cocktails and mixes, rather than using several different ingredients.

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MLM Sales Vs Top Tier Direct Sales – Which Home Based Business Do You Choose?

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The internet has been a blessing and a cursing in the network marketing industry depending on which viewpoint you have. If you are honestly happy with harassing family and friends, buying and cold calling leads, being rejected daily, small checks, your downline shrinking every time you turn around, and attending hotel and home meetings then this is not for you. But if you are like me and honestly despise that way of getting MLM sales then this is for you.

The internet has drastically changed the way we do business. Now more than ever we can communicate with people all over the world instantly. With that being said in the home based business industry you can read about different network marketing companies whether it is truth or lies. If the lies are about your company that can tarnish its reputation which will cause distributors to jump ship. If this happens expect your MLM sales to go down.

Downline attrition is one of the most frustrating things in the world to deal with. Imagine having a MLM downline of 10,000 people. There is a new company that is launching and a leader in your organization is offered a secure spot. What do you think he is going to do? He’s going to call up his downline and take those people with him. It happens all the time. You can get in a runt where you sponsor more people this month just to replace the ones that came in your business last month.

Not only that but network marketers are tired of small checks. How can you honestly fire your boss if you are only making at the most $300 a month. The average network marketers makes less than that with their MLM sales. If you pair that with constant downline attrition you can forget about firing your boss. It’s not going to happen in the 21st century.

The above is what more than 97% of network marketers go through whether they admit it or not. The solution to the problem is here thanks to the internet. The answer is a top tier direct sales model. In this type of business you sponsor less people but of extremely high quality. Don’t bother building a team of thousands of distributors. Focus on finding 10 strong leaders with this business model. You make more upfront commissions on your sales. Forget peddling MLM sales just to make a few thousand by the end of the year. Imagine making CEO type income within your first year.

You may say what about residual income. I got into a network marketing home based business because of that. Have no fear that is in place too. So you can actually get the best of both worlds. Have your cake and eat it too! This type of direct selling company can actually help you fire your boss and spend more time with your family if you follow what is being taught.

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Home Based Affiliate Marketing – The Sure Answer For Starting a Business Online

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Can Affiliate Marketing Work for You?

If you’ve been researching online moneymaking options, you’ve undoubtedly read several rave reviews of affiliate marketing. It’s one of the most popular means of generating an Internet-based income. That popularity stems from a simple fact: It works.

But will it work for you? Let’s take a look at what affiliate marketing is all about and what’s necessary to effectively implement the strategy.

Affiliate marketing is, put simply, pre-selling and directing traffic to a vendor’s sales page.

If the individuals you send make a purchase at the vendor’s site, you receive a commission payment. Traffic is tracked via the use of unique affiliate links and commissions can vary based on the product involved. With some digital products, commissions can represent well over half of the purchase price!

So, what do you need to make affiliate marketing work?

Being an affiliate is all about driving traffic. You need a way to secure visitors to your own site and to then direct them to the sales page. This can be accomplished in a variety of different ways.

Some people create search engine-friendly, content-rich websites. They outfit those sites with their affiliate links, encouraging their visitors to check out relevant offers by supplying content that “warms them” to the idea of buying the product.

Others prefer to direct that traffic to their own squeeze page. They’ll give away a free report or some other valuable item to those who sign up for their email list. They’ll then work to pre-sell the product via their emails to their list.

There are affiliates who rely on article marketing to generate traffic that either goes to one of those aforementioned squeeze pages or directly to the product’s sales page. Some secure traffic by purchasing pay per click advertising via Google AdWords or a similar program.

So, becoming a successful affiliate is basically a matter of wrangling targeted traffic. If you can find a way to do that, you can start earning commissions while avoiding many of the hassles and the up-front work associated with owning your own product.

With so many ways of approaching affiliate marketing available, many are reluctant to get involved.

They feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the “best” way to to get the job done. That’s understandable. The field of options is vast and new marketers will invariably have more questions than answers.

That’s why the best way to get started with an affiliate-based business model is to start with a proven, step-by-step plan. With a solid blueprint for traffic generation in hand, you can make affiliate marketing work for you. In very little time, you may find yourself evangelizing on its behalf, adding your voice to the chorus singing its praises.

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Marketing Plan Example

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Finding a good marketing plan example can be as easy a paying a quick visit to your library. I was an artist before I was a salesman and I remember the point at which the two talents were forced to combine.

I was awakened one morning by a phone call telling me that my father had been in a serious accident and had fractured his skull. He was in a comma for a couple of months and developed amnesia. The medical bills wiped out all of our funds. I stop pursuing a masters degree, left college, and started working full time immediately. I had experience in direct sales, and decided to combine that talent with my architectural background. I went to the school, withdrew from my classes, and asked them to refund my tuition. A few weeks later, I was selling paintings at art shows.

Even though I had learned to draw as an architectural student, I still had to learn to paint. I went to the Library and devoured every art book I could find. I copied the paintings, tried the techniques, and almost made myself sick cramming information every second I could. A few weeks later I was ready to exhibit and eventually I even started winning prizes at the shows. To learn to draw people, I got books on anatomy, got a ream of cheap paper and drew skulls and skeletons from every angle, repeating the same drawings over and over again.

One of the tools that helped me the most was a series of books with titles such as “Twenty Artist Paint Landscapes,” or “Twenty Illustrators and How They Work,” and so on. Those were my favorite types of books. Though I learned from all the artists, I would always identify more with just one or two of them. Those were the ones I began emulating and my skills improved quickly.

Needless to say, another area of the library that I loved to visit was the marketing and sales section. I again devoured everything I could read about direct marketing, mail order, copywriting, etc. In fact, it has been interesting to go back to that same library for the last thirty five years and find books I had checked out way back then and see what I learned and implemented throughout the years, whether as an artist, a salesman, a marketer, or a consultant.

It is important to discover different approaches to marketing your business before you choose your own marketing mix. Paying a visit to your local library may be the quickest way to see the way other businesses approach marketing. Gather as many marketing books as you can. Discover the approaches with which you identify most, use their marketing plan example as you develop your own plan.

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Here is a Marketing Method That Has Taken Investors Nation Wide to New Heights!

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When I started my real estate investing career 8 years ago, I always wondered how the top investors found all of the really good deals out there. I made it my number 1 goal to find out how these guys would just pick up deal after deal!

I began by asking local investors at my REI meetings how they were picking up deals and I was shocked by some of their answers! It turned out that about 75% of the people who I asked at the REI have not done more than 1-2 deals in their lives and some of them have never done a deal. Rather than come across as a disappointment, this actually got me really fired up! I just realized that roughly 25 people out of the 100 that attend the meeting were actually picking up these deals! Right then and there a light bulb went off in my head. I realized that if I could out work the 25 people in my REI club than I could pick up all of the good deals in my market! Work ethic has always been my strong suit. From my days of playing middle line backer to my first business venture, I knew that I could match and exceed anyone’s work ethic!

After the good news flooded through my veins it was finally time to figure out how these investors were picking up all of their deals! What I found astonished me to say the least! With the powerful presence of the internet and other technology, these guys were picking up most of their deals using direct mail! You heard me right, direct mail! They were sending letters to leads in hopes of getting them to respond back. They would then set the appointment, go out, and try to get the house under contract.

Doing some simple investigating I found out that most of these investors were focusing their direct mail campaign on two main areas. The first area was focused towards people who were in default on their mortgages and the second being people who going through a divorce.

This is where my business sense kicked in. I knew that if a bunch of people were mailing the same people then there would be competition over the houses that were available in my market. I also knew that if a home owner was aware of the competition for his/her house then that would give the seller tons of leverage during the negotiating process. So I decided to focus my direct mail campaign towards landlords who just filed a notice of eviction with the courts in my area!

Within, 2 weeks of mailing my first batch of letters I went out and looked at 5 houses. Out of the 5 houses I found one landlord who just had his rental trashed. I was the only person who had contacted him. It was a great property and since I was the only one there it was even better. We finally negotiated out a price and shortly after that I assigned the contract to a family friend who owned a construction company. I made 8k on my first direct mail campaign! This was all right after I turned 18yrs old.

Direct mail is one of the most affective ways to target the sellers in your area. Go down to your local REI and find out the type of leads everyone in there is targeting and rather than mail to the sellers they are mailing to, find your own niche. Chances are you will be the only one mailing most of these sellers which puts you in the driver’s seat!

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Avoid These 3 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes!

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Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. It is not only the amount of money you can make out of it that attracts people but also the fact that there is no investment required in order to sell a product. You do not need to have to stock the product or service and hence there is no need for storage or staff.

But you should also beware. You can be cheated out of your commission if you are not vigilant enough. It is better to be aware of the loopholes that may allow your commission to be stolen and more importantly, how to prevent it.

Here are three simple methods to avoid losing commissions and to increase your profits.

Don’t use direct affiliate links.

If you use the direct affiliate link that you are given when you sign up to sell the product then you are making it very easy for a purchaser to bypass your affiliate link or even replace your affiliate ID with their own. This means that you will lose all commissions from this sale. Another consequence may be that you lose the customer altogether as the visitor may “cut off” your affiliate part of the link and go straight to the vendors sales page, perhaps in search of some non-existent better deal. Some purchasers may just not like the idea of an affiliate getting their commission.

The other problem with direct affiliate links is that you may end up with dozens, if not, hundreds of dead links out on the internet. If you insert a direct affiliate link into a report, e-book or blog post etc and the vendor then stops selling that product then your link is now dead. If, however, you were using a redirected link then it would be a simple case of changing the redirect to a link of another, similar, product, all with a few clicks. These links could be worth hundreds of dollars in commissions.

Avoid these common sales leaks.

As an affiliate marketer you should ensure that you are being credited for the sales that you make of the product you are promoting. To be sure that this is happening keep an eye for these common sales leaks. These leaks could be as a result of inexperience from a new product owner or as a deliberate act on the art of the vendor.

First of all, ensure that the sales pages has no distractions e.g AdSense ads. A sales page should have only 2 ways to leave- the back button or the buy button. You do not want to be driving traffic to a site then the customer leaving through another ad, the vendor gets paid and you get nothing. Avoid these vendors!

Second, is the use of alternative payment methods. If a vendor offers more than one method of taking payments then please ensure that you receive credit regardless of payment method. If you only get paid via Clickbank sales but the vendor takes phone payments then it is probably best to look for a different vendor.

Finally be careful of a sites use of customer service. A not uncommon but sneaky trick is if a visitor has a question then they are sent to a different sales page, therefore, bypassing your affiliate link and losing you your commission. Check all these things before promoting a product.

Read the Terms of Service and Affiliate Agreement carefully. The terms may include some tricky clauses like an extremely high payment threshold, which allows a vendor to hold on to your cash. Some vendors may even charge you an accounting fee for paying you.

It is wise to be extremely careful to protect your interests when you go into the affiliate marketing business but if you follow these guidlelines then you can prevent losing what is rightfully yours.

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Network Marketing Secrets Part Three – Set Up Your Total Web Presence

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Welcome to Part 3 of Network Marketing Secrets. In this 5 part series my personal goal is nothing less than to deliver you a blueprint for a 5-figure per month network marketing business. This step-by-step blueprint has been tested and proven and, if you follow it, you will definitely be successful in building your network marketing business. So if you’re one of the many MLM people who’ve struggled for months or years with an obsolete business model that no longer works, read on!

In Part 1 we talked about the reasons you absolutely must set up an automated online marketing system – a series of web pages and autoresponder emails specifically designed to turn site visitors into leads and leads into customers, all on “autopilot”. Then in Part 2 we talked about why using the usual online marketing paradigm will get your Network Marketing business massacred on the net, and about the very specific marketing paradigm you need to adopt instead.

Today, in Part 3, we’re going to set up the rest of the vital “nodes” of your personal online marketing matrix.

As you may remember, I said that your automated online marketing system (AOMS), meaning your “squeeze” or “opt-in” page and the pages that follow it, is just one piece in the overall puzzle. A great many of your future clients and downline team members won’t meet you initially through your AOMS at all. They’ll meet you on various other places on the World Wide Web and you’ll be sending them only later to your AOMS.

Pretend You’re at the Planetarium…

Have you ever been to a planetarium? You just lie back on a really comfortable reclining chair and stare at the star-speckled sky projected on the domed ceiling. Now put yourself in a planetarium in your mind’s eye and against that sky visualize 4 large planets at each of the 4 cardinal points of the compass. Then visualize a line joining each planet with every other one, so you end up with a web-like effect.

Now picture one of those as your AOMS, which we’ve already discussed. The planet opposite it is your blog. On one side you have your social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, and on the other your “TV station”, consisting of your YouTube channel, other videos sites and possibly a Ustream TV channel.

The Social Media Nodes:

Without getting into too much detail on the social media nodes, what you need to know is this: you have the opportunity to get your message out to a lot of people through these social media sites, to build relationships with them, to get them on your list and to monetize them whether they ever join your list or not.

The most important social media nodes at the moment are without any doubt Twitter and Facebook. You can add others eventually, but you should definitely start with these two.

The big secret here is you must NOT do what most marketers do out of reflex on these sites – they try to turn their Twitter and Facebook presence into sales letters. And nothing is more off-putting in social media than that. People come to social media to get to know PEOPLE. They don’t want to be sold. Consequently, your primary mission is to grow your list of social media “friends” and “followers”, let them get to know you and provide them with interesting and valuable content.

And you do NOT take them directly to your AOMS. There’s only one instance where you can take someone from social media to a squeeze page and that one exception can help you enormously in building your list, but we’ll discuss that secret next time. For the most part, you’ll take your social media folks to the next node in your online matrix, your “hub”.

The “Hub” Node – Your Blog:

To simplify things a little, people can make your acquaintance on Twitter, then get to know you as a person on Facebook and finally get introduced to your teachings and what you “bring to the table” on your blog. All of these progressively build your relationship until your new prospect is ready to be sent to your AOMS. And, generally speaking, that’s where you’ll send people from your blog.

If you go over Part 2 on the “My Story Marketing” paradigm, you’ll realize why it’s so important to brand yourself and not your business opportunity. And your blog gives you a great opportunity to do just that, to put the spotlight on you, your unique presence and how you can help your prospect.

Your “TV Station” Nodes:

If the social media sites are your “newspapers”, then the video sites become your “TV stations”. YouTube is still the largest and most important, and you’ll want to set up a special YouTube channel for your business. Again, this channel will actually highlight you and your expertise, rather than hitting people in the face with your business opportunity, for reasons we discussed in Part 2.

You have a little more flexibility about where to send people with your videos, just as you’re free to “market” a little more directly. However, you still have to provide great content that’s interesting and usable. You can send them either to your blog or, in some cases, directly to your AOMS.

Video is king of the free marketing world, and that’s unlikely to change in the near term. It’s said the average person in North America spends about 27 minutes a day on YouTube alone, not to mention other video sharing sites or upcoming technologies like Ustream TV. The advantage of video marketing is that Google loves video and ranks it highly. I proved this to myself a few months ago by literally sewing up the first two pages of Google for a particular business-related keyword phrase using video in conjunction with blog posting. This is one way to stake out internet “real estate” and get in front of targeted prospects.

Spinning the Web:

So far all you’ve done is create all the nodes of your personal online matrix.. And you’ve learned how to send prospects from one node to another and in what order. Now you have to take the next step and it will send your conversions through the roof. And it’s very simple…

You simply have to connect each node to all the others. So when someone finds you on Facebook, for instance, they see your Twitter account, your blog and your YouTube channel right away and an invitation to link to you on all of those. This is how you draw your prospect into your whole online system, which allows you to connect with them from multiple directions in ways that are comfortable for them.


Once all this is set up, you’ve created a world-class online marketing system. Now all you have to do is “feed” it by driving traffic. And we’ll cover that next time in Part 4 of this 5 Part blueprint on Network Marketing Secrets: How to Drive Large Volumes of Highly Targeted Traffic into Your Web.

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Email Marketing – A Valuable Marketing Device For Small Businesses

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Email Marketing is a form of promotional tool used to send fund raising or marketable messages to the potential customers. Promotion through mails is a kind of direct marketing in which a marketer approaches his prospective clients directly. The results are also traceable that is also a feature of direct marketing. In this form of advertising, an advertiser is able to reach a wide range of targeted clients. These attributes make the form of promotion flexible and therefore more beneficial. It is a powerful device for small and medium sized enterprises. It is the most cost-effective, effective and measurable procedure used by such enterprises. Marketing through mails does not involve huge promotional budgets of larger organizations.

Promotion through mails is a form of marketing that helps to build a brand identity of the company. It is also instrumental in promoting special offers to the prospective clients. It has the potential to allure traffic to your website. You can also provide your technical and customer support to the clients. A well-designed campaign and an efficiently managed mailing list produce higher response rates as compared to any other form of marketing campaign. It is a quick and easy method to follow. You are able to deliver your marketing message to the potential clients with swiftness. A marketer can also inflate his clientele across geographical boundaries. This from is instrumental in massively escalating the number of potential sales. It eradicates the time spent on printing, graphic design, postage and much more that is associated with printing and processing traditional direct mail campaigns. By sending advertisements to the clients through mails, one can customize the message as per the requirement. It offers you enough flexibility to create an advertisement the way you desire. In print or broadcast, you are short of either length or time, respectively. In a mail, you can mention about the credentials, management, certification, products and services of the company. You can mention any kind of information to convince the prospects about your products. The results are also traceable that helps you to determine the strengths to maintain and areas in which you should work in the future campaigns.

The form of promotion through mails is a flexible and adaptable strategy to promote the products and services of an enterprise whether it is small-based or medium based.

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