Search Marketing Advice – Direct Linking Alternative

In the early years of search engine marketing, many people made good money simply with direct linking. All they did was writing pay per click ads then linking them directly to the merchant with their affiliate link.

Unfortunately, this direct linking method is no longer what it used to be, it is so much harder due to issues with quality score and it does not work for the long term. Here are some alternatives for direct linking.

Frame Pages

Spend a few dollars to buy your own domain names then do a frame page. This means that your domain will be shown but the page that loads is your merchant page which is your affiliate link.

This will solve the issue of duplicate domains for the same keywords. You can also improve your quality score by adding page title, descriptions, meta keywords into your frame pages.

This alternative method still works today and it is good for testing affiliate offers. It is not a good way to run a long term online business, because when the search engines get even more advanced, this method may cease to work.

Landing Pages

The best alternative to direct linking is none other than presell landing pages. This is where you persuade your visitor to click on your affiliate link then make a purchase or enter a zip code or an email. Just make sure that they do something that will put money in your pocket!

Since you have your own page, getting a high quality score is easy and this will cut the cost of your clicks. When you do a good job of educating your visitor, you are seen as a trusted source of information or advice rather than yet another snake oil salesmen.

The way you optimize your conversion rates for more profits is by showing the best benefits and advantages of taking action and if you are upfront about the catch, if there is any, people will trust you more and your conversions will further improve.

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