Network Marketing Secrets Part Three – Set Up Your Total Web Presence

Welcome to Part 3 of Network Marketing Secrets. In this 5 part series my personal goal is nothing less than to deliver you a blueprint for a 5-figure per month network marketing business. This step-by-step blueprint has been tested and proven and, if you follow it, you will definitely be successful in building your network marketing business. So if you’re one of the many MLM people who’ve struggled for months or years with an obsolete business model that no longer works, read on!

In Part 1 we talked about the reasons you absolutely must set up an automated online marketing system – a series of web pages and autoresponder emails specifically designed to turn site visitors into leads and leads into customers, all on “autopilot”. Then in Part 2 we talked about why using the usual online marketing paradigm will get your Network Marketing business massacred on the net, and about the very specific marketing paradigm you need to adopt instead.

Today, in Part 3, we’re going to set up the rest of the vital “nodes” of your personal online marketing matrix.

As you may remember, I said that your automated online marketing system (AOMS), meaning your “squeeze” or “opt-in” page and the pages that follow it, is just one piece in the overall puzzle. A great many of your future clients and downline team members won’t meet you initially through your AOMS at all. They’ll meet you on various other places on the World Wide Web and you’ll be sending them only later to your AOMS.

Pretend You’re at the Planetarium…

Have you ever been to a planetarium? You just lie back on a really comfortable reclining chair and stare at the star-speckled sky projected on the domed ceiling. Now put yourself in a planetarium in your mind’s eye and against that sky visualize 4 large planets at each of the 4 cardinal points of the compass. Then visualize a line joining each planet with every other one, so you end up with a web-like effect.

Now picture one of those as your AOMS, which we’ve already discussed. The planet opposite it is your blog. On one side you have your social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, and on the other your “TV station”, consisting of your YouTube channel, other videos sites and possibly a Ustream TV channel.

The Social Media Nodes:

Without getting into too much detail on the social media nodes, what you need to know is this: you have the opportunity to get your message out to a lot of people through these social media sites, to build relationships with them, to get them on your list and to monetize them whether they ever join your list or not.

The most important social media nodes at the moment are without any doubt Twitter and Facebook. You can add others eventually, but you should definitely start with these two.

The big secret here is you must NOT do what most marketers do out of reflex on these sites – they try to turn their Twitter and Facebook presence into sales letters. And nothing is more off-putting in social media than that. People come to social media to get to know PEOPLE. They don’t want to be sold. Consequently, your primary mission is to grow your list of social media “friends” and “followers”, let them get to know you and provide them with interesting and valuable content.

And you do NOT take them directly to your AOMS. There’s only one instance where you can take someone from social media to a squeeze page and that one exception can help you enormously in building your list, but we’ll discuss that secret next time. For the most part, you’ll take your social media folks to the next node in your online matrix, your “hub”.

The “Hub” Node – Your Blog:

To simplify things a little, people can make your acquaintance on Twitter, then get to know you as a person on Facebook and finally get introduced to your teachings and what you “bring to the table” on your blog. All of these progressively build your relationship until your new prospect is ready to be sent to your AOMS. And, generally speaking, that’s where you’ll send people from your blog.

If you go over Part 2 on the “My Story Marketing” paradigm, you’ll realize why it’s so important to brand yourself and not your business opportunity. And your blog gives you a great opportunity to do just that, to put the spotlight on you, your unique presence and how you can help your prospect.

Your “TV Station” Nodes:

If the social media sites are your “newspapers”, then the video sites become your “TV stations”. YouTube is still the largest and most important, and you’ll want to set up a special YouTube channel for your business. Again, this channel will actually highlight you and your expertise, rather than hitting people in the face with your business opportunity, for reasons we discussed in Part 2.

You have a little more flexibility about where to send people with your videos, just as you’re free to “market” a little more directly. However, you still have to provide great content that’s interesting and usable. You can send them either to your blog or, in some cases, directly to your AOMS.

Video is king of the free marketing world, and that’s unlikely to change in the near term. It’s said the average person in North America spends about 27 minutes a day on YouTube alone, not to mention other video sharing sites or upcoming technologies like Ustream TV. The advantage of video marketing is that Google loves video and ranks it highly. I proved this to myself a few months ago by literally sewing up the first two pages of Google for a particular business-related keyword phrase using video in conjunction with blog posting. This is one way to stake out internet “real estate” and get in front of targeted prospects.

Spinning the Web:

So far all you’ve done is create all the nodes of your personal online matrix.. And you’ve learned how to send prospects from one node to another and in what order. Now you have to take the next step and it will send your conversions through the roof. And it’s very simple…

You simply have to connect each node to all the others. So when someone finds you on Facebook, for instance, they see your Twitter account, your blog and your YouTube channel right away and an invitation to link to you on all of those. This is how you draw your prospect into your whole online system, which allows you to connect with them from multiple directions in ways that are comfortable for them.


Once all this is set up, you’ve created a world-class online marketing system. Now all you have to do is “feed” it by driving traffic. And we’ll cover that next time in Part 4 of this 5 Part blueprint on Network Marketing Secrets: How to Drive Large Volumes of Highly Targeted Traffic into Your Web.

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