Marketing Plan Example

Finding a good marketing plan example can be as easy a paying a quick visit to your library. I was an artist before I was a salesman and I remember the point at which the two talents were forced to combine.

I was awakened one morning by a phone call telling me that my father had been in a serious accident and had fractured his skull. He was in a comma for a couple of months and developed amnesia. The medical bills wiped out all of our funds. I stop pursuing a masters degree, left college, and started working full time immediately. I had experience in direct sales, and decided to combine that talent with my architectural background. I went to the school, withdrew from my classes, and asked them to refund my tuition. A few weeks later, I was selling paintings at art shows.

Even though I had learned to draw as an architectural student, I still had to learn to paint. I went to the Library and devoured every art book I could find. I copied the paintings, tried the techniques, and almost made myself sick cramming information every second I could. A few weeks later I was ready to exhibit and eventually I even started winning prizes at the shows. To learn to draw people, I got books on anatomy, got a ream of cheap paper and drew skulls and skeletons from every angle, repeating the same drawings over and over again.

One of the tools that helped me the most was a series of books with titles such as “Twenty Artist Paint Landscapes,” or “Twenty Illustrators and How They Work,” and so on. Those were my favorite types of books. Though I learned from all the artists, I would always identify more with just one or two of them. Those were the ones I began emulating and my skills improved quickly.

Needless to say, another area of the library that I loved to visit was the marketing and sales section. I again devoured everything I could read about direct marketing, mail order, copywriting, etc. In fact, it has been interesting to go back to that same library for the last thirty five years and find books I had checked out way back then and see what I learned and implemented throughout the years, whether as an artist, a salesman, a marketer, or a consultant.

It is important to discover different approaches to marketing your business before you choose your own marketing mix. Paying a visit to your local library may be the quickest way to see the way other businesses approach marketing. Gather as many marketing books as you can. Discover the approaches with which you identify most, use their marketing plan example as you develop your own plan.

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