Here is a Marketing Method That Has Taken Investors Nation Wide to New Heights!

When I started my real estate investing career 8 years ago, I always wondered how the top investors found all of the really good deals out there. I made it my number 1 goal to find out how these guys would just pick up deal after deal!

I began by asking local investors at my REI meetings how they were picking up deals and I was shocked by some of their answers! It turned out that about 75% of the people who I asked at the REI have not done more than 1-2 deals in their lives and some of them have never done a deal. Rather than come across as a disappointment, this actually got me really fired up! I just realized that roughly 25 people out of the 100 that attend the meeting were actually picking up these deals! Right then and there a light bulb went off in my head. I realized that if I could out work the 25 people in my REI club than I could pick up all of the good deals in my market! Work ethic has always been my strong suit. From my days of playing middle line backer to my first business venture, I knew that I could match and exceed anyone’s work ethic!

After the good news flooded through my veins it was finally time to figure out how these investors were picking up all of their deals! What I found astonished me to say the least! With the powerful presence of the internet and other technology, these guys were picking up most of their deals using direct mail! You heard me right, direct mail! They were sending letters to leads in hopes of getting them to respond back. They would then set the appointment, go out, and try to get the house under contract.

Doing some simple investigating I found out that most of these investors were focusing their direct mail campaign on two main areas. The first area was focused towards people who were in default on their mortgages and the second being people who going through a divorce.

This is where my business sense kicked in. I knew that if a bunch of people were mailing the same people then there would be competition over the houses that were available in my market. I also knew that if a home owner was aware of the competition for his/her house then that would give the seller tons of leverage during the negotiating process. So I decided to focus my direct mail campaign towards landlords who just filed a notice of eviction with the courts in my area!

Within, 2 weeks of mailing my first batch of letters I went out and looked at 5 houses. Out of the 5 houses I found one landlord who just had his rental trashed. I was the only person who had contacted him. It was a great property and since I was the only one there it was even better. We finally negotiated out a price and shortly after that I assigned the contract to a family friend who owned a construction company. I made 8k on my first direct mail campaign! This was all right after I turned 18yrs old.

Direct mail is one of the most affective ways to target the sellers in your area. Go down to your local REI and find out the type of leads everyone in there is targeting and rather than mail to the sellers they are mailing to, find your own niche. Chances are you will be the only one mailing most of these sellers which puts you in the driver’s seat!

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