Copywriting and Direct Marketing Mastery: A Beginners Guide to Testimonials That Sell (Do Yours?)

“The worst testimonial is a hundred times better than the best piece of sales copy.”

Dan Kennedy.

That quote may not be 100% verbatim but I am sure that I heard Dan Kennedy say something similar to this effect once.

The point is still valid – testimonials from satisfied customers are far more powerful than anything you can say about yourself.

Considering just how much leverage you can create from getting your testimonials ‘right,’ you want to wring every last piece of effective selling out of your testimonials in order to maximise their value.

How to get your testimonials wrong.

There are two ways to really destroy the value of your testimonials – the first is to ask “Can I get a testimonial?” When you do you get something back that is wooden, poorly constructed and usually has something along the lines of “I really like XYZ product, ABC company is really courteous and professional.” Which, as they say in the classics, is better than nothing.

The second one is most commonly seen in video testimonials – where the customers waffles on about anything and everything for 5 minutes and when you boil it down, in the end say something similar to “I really like XYZ product, ABC company is really courteous and professional.” Again better than nothing, but it could be so much more.

“Getting Your Testimonials To Deliver Maximum Impact.”

This is actually far simpler than you might think. Regardless of if you want to get your clients testimonials in writing, on video or an audio file… It’s all the same, there is an underlying formula for them.

Get your testimonial focused on one benefit.

The really long random testimonials you’ve already got should be whittled down to be laser focused on a single benefit. You need at least one testimonial for each benefit your product has.

Testimonials needs to be specific.

Stick to measurable specifics. So if you are now 27 minutes faster say so. Don’t say around ’30 minutes faster.’ Human beings are hard wired to find specifics more believable – use this to your advantage.

The best testimonials come from ‘peer’ to your prospects.

In the best of circumstances, you want your testimonials from someone who your prospects see as exactly like them. They can empathise with where they were before they started using your products and services, now they can see the after.

There is amazing power in getting your testimonials right. Make it a priority in constructing your marketing message.

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