Avoid These 3 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes!

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. It is not only the amount of money you can make out of it that attracts people but also the fact that there is no investment required in order to sell a product. You do not need to have to stock the product or service and hence there is no need for storage or staff.

But you should also beware. You can be cheated out of your commission if you are not vigilant enough. It is better to be aware of the loopholes that may allow your commission to be stolen and more importantly, how to prevent it.

Here are three simple methods to avoid losing commissions and to increase your profits.

Don’t use direct affiliate links.

If you use the direct affiliate link that you are given when you sign up to sell the product then you are making it very easy for a purchaser to bypass your affiliate link or even replace your affiliate ID with their own. This means that you will lose all commissions from this sale. Another consequence may be that you lose the customer altogether as the visitor may “cut off” your affiliate part of the link and go straight to the vendors sales page, perhaps in search of some non-existent better deal. Some purchasers may just not like the idea of an affiliate getting their commission.

The other problem with direct affiliate links is that you may end up with dozens, if not, hundreds of dead links out on the internet. If you insert a direct affiliate link into a report, e-book or blog post etc and the vendor then stops selling that product then your link is now dead. If, however, you were using a redirected link then it would be a simple case of changing the redirect to a link of another, similar, product, all with a few clicks. These links could be worth hundreds of dollars in commissions.

Avoid these common sales leaks.

As an affiliate marketer you should ensure that you are being credited for the sales that you make of the product you are promoting. To be sure that this is happening keep an eye for these common sales leaks. These leaks could be as a result of inexperience from a new product owner or as a deliberate act on the art of the vendor.

First of all, ensure that the sales pages has no distractions e.g AdSense ads. A sales page should have only 2 ways to leave- the back button or the buy button. You do not want to be driving traffic to a site then the customer leaving through another ad, the vendor gets paid and you get nothing. Avoid these vendors!

Second, is the use of alternative payment methods. If a vendor offers more than one method of taking payments then please ensure that you receive credit regardless of payment method. If you only get paid via Clickbank sales but the vendor takes phone payments then it is probably best to look for a different vendor.

Finally be careful of a sites use of customer service. A not uncommon but sneaky trick is if a visitor has a question then they are sent to a different sales page, therefore, bypassing your affiliate link and losing you your commission. Check all these things before promoting a product.

Read the Terms of Service and Affiliate Agreement carefully. The terms may include some tricky clauses like an extremely high payment threshold, which allows a vendor to hold on to your cash. Some vendors may even charge you an accounting fee for paying you.

It is wise to be extremely careful to protect your interests when you go into the affiliate marketing business but if you follow these guidlelines then you can prevent losing what is rightfully yours.

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