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Finding the Best Direct Sales Programs for Your Business

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Having your own business can be exciting but daunting. You will need to know exactly what it is that you are familiar with, what you want to do, and how you are going to make your interests start earning you money. This can be exciting if you already have some knowledge of how to run a business, but for the first-time businessperson, putting up a business, managing a small staff, developing and testing products, advertising or marketing them, and finding a way to innovate constantly can be difficult, not to mention costly. If you are thinking of earning money through selling, perhaps you can start training yourself for the marketing portion by going into the best direct sales programs that you can find.

In direct sales marketing, you are the buyer of the goods and the seller: people can come directly to you to buy the things that they want, and because you can set a price on your goods, you earn income from their purchases. In a variant of direct sales, you buy the products from a main seller and place a price on them; when people buy the products from you, you get commissions; and when you can recruit these people to be part of your network, then the people that they recruit and who buy products from them will likewise contribute to your commissions pool. This variant is termed as network marketing, simply because you are earning money from people down the line from you, termed as your downlines.

What are the advantages of direct sales programs and network marketing? For one, direct sales programs can allow you to pick what products you would like to sell, giving you full control over your product line. You can pick what products you believe in, and what products you yourself use; this way, you can market the products better to your downlines, and you know what kinds of people would comprise your market, given the goods that you would like to sell. The more people there are in your network who match your products or your market composition, the more people you can sell to, and the higher your commissions.

One disadvantage of network marketing, however, is that it needs you to have a good personality – one that will win you sales through your enthusiasm, but with a tempered kind of enthusiasm that does not border on hard sell. Once you engage in hard selling techniques, you risk alienating potential customers, and you can end up losing a lot of sales. You will need to tread lightly as a seller, so this requires that you practice a lot: direct selling also means that you will need to do some marketing, so this can be a good way for you to practice your skills for your future home business.

So what are the best direct sales programs for you? They should allow you to earn a lot for as little input as possible, both in terms of effort and financially. Moreover, they should be legal, so always check with your local business bureau if you doubt the veracity of a network marketing scheme’s claim.

These are only a few things to keep in mind as you go about looking for the best direct sales programs to meet your needs and budget. Soon, with more practice and with a lot of downlines, perhaps you will have the skills and money to put up your own business, as well as the network that will serve as your market. Happy selling, and happy learning!

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Using a List to Build a Direct Marketing Network

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Direct marketing can be an extremely powerful tool. It can serve an array of different marketing purposes and can provide a powerful call to action. Building a direct marketing network can offer many advantages. It gives businesses the opportunity to identify and reach out to potential consumers while maintaining a strong relationship with currently existing customers. A direct marketing network is an essential building block in the infrastructure of direct selling. It can be an effective tool that can be used by businesses of all sizes.

A direct marketing network should target specific demographics of existing or potential consumers. In order to build this network, businesses need to identify their core consumer groups. The circle of influence cast by the shadow of direct marketing networks should be large enough to cover existing and potential consumers without being exceedingly expensive. A direct marketing network should not include demographics that stray too far from that of the potential consumer.

Direct marketing relies on targeting the correct consumer. The adage “less is more” applies here. Direct marketing networks are designed to target a smaller group of consumers who are more likely to purchase your product or service. Direct selling can be used to grow a market and create demand but it should not be used as such as it is not as cost effective as other marketing tools in this area.

Once you have identified your consumer, you could consult a consumer list before crafting your message. Consumer lists usually contain the residential address and telephone numbers of consumers. Using these lists allows you to calculate the amount of consumers you may want to reach out to. Understanding consumer behavior is a valuable tool that can give you an edge in your industry. By marrying this understanding with the substantial resources of consumer lists, you produce a direct selling network with great potential.

For some businesses, it can be difficult to ascertain the type of consumers that they should target. This process becomes increasingly difficult when the direct selling budget is low and the potential range of consumers is high. To avert this problem, you may want to consider getting the consumer list first.

Businesses that have minimal information on the consumer landscape would best be served by a simple consumer list. A consumer list can provide strong indications on how big a campaign you may have to plan for maximum effectiveness. This information is especially pertinent for small and medium sized enterprises that have smaller direct selling budgets. The potential size of the market is an important consideration in formulating a direct selling campaign. It is important to pace your efforts accordingly.

Ignorance of your consumer base can be catastrophic. This ignorance can create a myriad of problems for your direct selling campaign. You could possibly target the wrong type of consumer or the duration of your direct selling campaign might be insufficient. If you target too wide a demographic, you lose financial stamina before you are able to fulfill your campaign objectives. Targeting too small a demographic may result in a higher cost-per thousand (CPM) rating.

An exemplary direct selling network is able to find a ‘Goldilocks-like’ range of consumers; a sample size that is not too big or too small. The next time you plan your direct selling campaign, take a cue from these networks and conduct the appropriate research first.

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2 Marketing Tactics For Improving Your Company’s Revenue

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Marketing isn’t easy. You have competitors to worry about. You have to contact your customers on a monthly basis. You have to keep your website up to date. You have to answer customer questions. And you also have to manage your employees. With all of that said, I think it’s still feasible for you to make lots of money in your business.

The trick is just getting started. If you’re new in your offline business, you will want to find the best marketing strategy that is bringing in a lot of customers for you, and start putting this strategy on over drive. If I were in your shoes right now, that is how I would proceed.

In this article, I want to share with you some of my favorite tactics for marketing your business. Some of these strategies are marketing tips, and some of them are things that you need to know to be prepared for having success in your business. In fact, let’s go and take a look at some of the strategies that you can use in your business.

1) It’s OK to not know much

If you’re someone who thinks that they need to know it all to have success in business, then think again. Most business success comes from taking action. If you’re still dwelling on what you can do to improve your sales and profits, then I think you’re taking the wrong approach on things.

Even if you don’t know a lot about marketing, you can still benefit from just going out there and running campaigns. This is the quickest way to gain experience. Nothing is more effective than throwing yourself out in the in dark. You’ll learn how to navigate, and what the best way of marketing your products and services is. Let’s take a look at another marketing strategy that you can use in your business.

2) Go after the market first

It’s important not to get a product first, and then trying to find a market to sell them to. This is the wrong way of doing business. Instead, you want to focus on finding the market first, and then supply your product or service to the market. With this approach, you can easily find or create a product that will suit their needs.

Nothing is more important than finding the market first. You will want to make sure that you have a group of people that you can sell to over and over and over again. And this is what finding a hot target market will help you to do.

I hope that you use these 2 techniques before going out there and start running marketing campaigns. There’s a lot to be learned from experience alone, but you will want to be guided with the marketing strategies that have been proven to work for others.

If you can follow these 2 tips, then you will greatly improve the chances of people doing business with you. And nothing is more important than gaining a new customer or client.

Good luck with using these tips to have the most success in your business today.

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Network Marketing – The Customer is Most Important

May 24 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

I’ve just finished reading a series of complex instructions on how to run a network marketing business. This series made network marketing sound more complex than a complicated surgical procedure.

Network marketing all begins with a product. Without the product there would not be an opportunity. Without the product, there would not be a company. For the company to survive the product must be bought and sold.

Products are bought by customers. Customers share their product satisfaction with other people who then also become customers.

When you think of company distributors, they all use and love the product/s. If you were to speak to one thousand network marketing distributors, you’ll find that most tried and liked the product prior to signing up. Those who had not tried the product prior to signing up, either end up loving the product or resign their distributorship. To become a distributor you must be sold on the product.

Concentrate on your product/s. Become unique in knowing all you can about your products. Ask yourself how your products can help someone. Once you know how your products can help someone, you’re ready to sell to potential customers.

When someone buys products from you, invest time learning what other products they might benefit from and who else they know that also might benefit from your products. Invest time learning how your products have been beneficial. Use this information to sell your products to additional customers.

Consider purchasing some books on sales. Consider subscribing to an ezine or two focusing on customer sales. Your business will grow with each new customer you find.

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Direct Sales Marketing – 6 Tips For Social Networking Success

May 22 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Sitting at my desk yesterday, I checked my tweetdeck and found a message from one of my tweeps saying that social networking is the future of direct sales. I tweeted back saying that, in fact, social networking is the now of direct sales. We had a great conversation discussing the various issues that consultants face trying to make a name for themselves in a wired world.If you’re not familiar with social media sites like MySpace, Facebook and twitter, chances are good you didn’t understand half of that last paragraph.That’s no excuse to stick your head in the sand! Social media is here to stay, and it’s a powerful tool to add to your direct sales arsenal. Professional marketers are reaping the rewards of online connections on a daily basis. They’ve taken the art of networking and building relationships from the offline world to the online marketplace, and cashed in on the revolution in the process.But before you jump headlong into social networking, there are six concepts you need to understand. These caveats can turn your social networking into a lead generating machine – filling your inbox with leads and building your business in unprecedented ways.1. Social Networks are not a PITCH fest. You can’t just join a social network and start telling everyone how great your company or product is. That’s the online equivalent of shoving your business card into the hand of everyone you meet without saying ‘hello’ first. Depending on the social networking site, you can share about yourself, your company and your products to varying degrees – but only AFTER you’ve established a relationship with your audience. Who is your audience? Anyone that’s following your page, signing up for your updates or trying to become your ‘friend’. The term is different for each service, but the idea is the same: people want to get to know who you are before they want to learn about what you have to offer.Just like in the offline world, you need to show people you can provide value to them before you start talking about your company. Social networks essentially force you to share a bit of yourself with your audience before they’re going to respond to any offers you try to make. If you don’t, you’ll come off as pushy and people will stop following you – or worse yet, block you all together.2. Brand YOURSELF First. It bears repeating, so I’ll say it again. YOU are the most important product your company has to offer. Successful consultants make a name for themselves even while they’re promoting their company’s products and services. It is up to YOU to promote yourself. No direct selling company is going to do that for you.People have to know, like and trust you before they’re going to do business with you. It is your responsibility to provide the information your audience needs in order to build a lasting relationship with you.Let your company handle the marketing and promotions for your products and services. You need to worry about making a name for yourself. Your company can’t stop you from creating your own website that is about your interests and your life. They CAN (and usually will) prevent you from using their product names, descriptions, images and trademarks. They have every right to do so. It dilutes their brand. It’s also a sign of a weak marketer to tie your marketing back to your company.Some companies will let you use their content – but what happens if you leave that company? You have to start all over again. If instead, you promote yourself, then no matter what company you’re with, you’ve got a consistent social networking strategy that’s built around your reputation, rather than your company.3. Don’t Do It All In One Day. Social networking sites are designed to be “sticky”. That means once you visit, they entice you with lots of content to suck up your time and get you to stick around for a while. You need to view social networking as a piece of your marketing puzzle – not the whole enchilada. Start with ONE site that appeals to you. Strictly limit your time, and be sure you’re using it for networking activities, not for mindlessly playing games or adding “apps” to enhance your page. Your time is best spent building and creating relationships with others on the site – not playing games with the computer!Once you’ve “gotten the hang of it”, then consider other social networks, but realize that each site requires a bit of time to navigate and participate. Don’t commit to more groups than you can handle. Only YOU know your time availability and building marketing relationships takes time.4. Social Networking Is Like Offline Networking. Just like offline networking groups, they are NOT the backbone of your direct sales business. Booking, selling and recruitng are the staples of a successful home party business, and nothing will ever replace that. Social Networking is a marketing tool that you can use to move beyond your family and friends and reach out to a global audience. The global audience can help establish yourself as an expert, but it doesn’t always help you get a show on your calendar for next week. Like all networking functions, building relationships takes time.Social Networking should be considered as a way to enhance your traditional book, sell, recruit activities – not as a replacement for them. Just like you wouldn’t rely only on live networking events to build your business, neither should you rely completely on online social media to build your business. The Internet can speed the relationship building process along, but it still takes time.5. Don’t Expect Miracles. You get what you give in social media. The more you interact, the more people will interact with you. The better content you provide, the more people will want to hear from you. Unless you’re already a celebrity, don’t expect that you’ll have overnight success with any social networking site. Miracles do happen, but to expect them would be social networking suicide. Often times, you can connect with other direct sellers, coaches, and trainers, and find yourself hob-knobbing with the rich and famous – people you might not otherwise have ever met – through social media. But this should not be your expectation or purpose for social networking. Connect and share with “regular Joes” like you and watch your network grow.Twitter is a great place to start. With only 140 characters, there are no lengthy pages to read, and it’s easy to start. Plus it can work with some other social media sites as well. If you sign up, follow me and I’ll follow you!6. Stories Sell. The best way to connect and build an online network is to share yourself – via stories and videos – and let your audience know more about you. A word of caution, though: don’t share anything you wouldn’t feel comfortable having the whole world know. This is the internet, after all, and anyone could see those pictures, that video or hear those stories. Transparency is one of the great qualities of the internet – it’s also one of the curses. It only takes a second for everyone in your social network (friends, family and business associates) to see those compromising details. Be sure you’re sharing quality information that builds your reputation.It can be challenging for direct sellers that aren’t very tech savvy to get connected to social networks. Take your time, start slowly, and do what you can. Don’t get sucked into the time vacuum, and get distracted from your core business building activities. Great business relationships can be cultivated online, but you need to enter the fray in a controlled and meaningful way. Otherwise, you’re just spinning in circles.

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Copywriting and Direct Marketing Mastery: A Beginners Guide to Testimonials That Sell (Do Yours?)

May 22 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

“The worst testimonial is a hundred times better than the best piece of sales copy.”

Dan Kennedy.

That quote may not be 100% verbatim but I am sure that I heard Dan Kennedy say something similar to this effect once.

The point is still valid – testimonials from satisfied customers are far more powerful than anything you can say about yourself.

Considering just how much leverage you can create from getting your testimonials ‘right,’ you want to wring every last piece of effective selling out of your testimonials in order to maximise their value.

How to get your testimonials wrong.

There are two ways to really destroy the value of your testimonials – the first is to ask “Can I get a testimonial?” When you do you get something back that is wooden, poorly constructed and usually has something along the lines of “I really like XYZ product, ABC company is really courteous and professional.” Which, as they say in the classics, is better than nothing.

The second one is most commonly seen in video testimonials – where the customers waffles on about anything and everything for 5 minutes and when you boil it down, in the end say something similar to “I really like XYZ product, ABC company is really courteous and professional.” Again better than nothing, but it could be so much more.

“Getting Your Testimonials To Deliver Maximum Impact.”

This is actually far simpler than you might think. Regardless of if you want to get your clients testimonials in writing, on video or an audio file… It’s all the same, there is an underlying formula for them.

Get your testimonial focused on one benefit.

The really long random testimonials you’ve already got should be whittled down to be laser focused on a single benefit. You need at least one testimonial for each benefit your product has.

Testimonials needs to be specific.

Stick to measurable specifics. So if you are now 27 minutes faster say so. Don’t say around ’30 minutes faster.’ Human beings are hard wired to find specifics more believable – use this to your advantage.

The best testimonials come from ‘peer’ to your prospects.

In the best of circumstances, you want your testimonials from someone who your prospects see as exactly like them. They can empathise with where they were before they started using your products and services, now they can see the after.

There is amazing power in getting your testimonials right. Make it a priority in constructing your marketing message.

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Direct Mail and How it Has Changed Direct Marketing

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Direct mail marketing and its advantages and disadvantages have been studied, analyzed and criticized and hailed many times over by experts in the field of marketing. Though direct mail has been around and has been used with varying degrees of success within diverse businesses for marketing purposes, its significance remains unquestionable.A couple of decades ago the use of mail strategy in marketing was just gaining attention. It was mostly used to sell products to people living in remote areas where buying the latest products available in the market was a challenge due to the lack of modern supermarkets and malls. The mailers that offered the recipient the choice of ordering a variety of products via mail using order forms was a very promising prospect back then.As consumerism grew by leaps and bounds in the past couple of decades, the uses for direct mail in marketing changed too. Direct mail began to be increasingly used in targeting specific groups of people for the sale of certain products. It was in your face advertising at its best. Compared to ads on television, radio and news papers, advertising using direct mail was more personalized and found to generate more sales leads for the companies who were using such campaigns to promote their products.Before the advent of direct mailing, direct marketing was conducted by sales persons who engaged in door to door selling of products. Though the success rate in this form of marketing was as high as 2 leads per every 10 houses visited, it was not a viable option as there was a limitation to the number of people that were targeted through this form of marketing. The cost associated with this type of marketing also was quite high.Another method was to distribute leaflets from house to house which contained details about a product and listed its merits. This method was largely found to be ineffective and was relegated to the background. The advantage associated with direct mail marketing is that compared to other forms, it has a wider reach. If the target recipients are chosen after a careful filtration process to weed out prospective dead ends in terms of lead generation, then the success rate of this strategy is also highly desirable. The cost associated with direct mail marketing was also considerably less than the traditional methods cited above.The higher rate of lead generation also ensured that there was return on investment. It was an ideal strategy for small business to adopt in order to propel their growth. For established businesses it meant expansion. Though direct mail marketing has faced competition from newer marketing strategies such as online and email advertising and marketing campaigns, it still holds its sway.

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Internet Marketing – The Pros and Cons You Should Know

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Technology has changed the way the world works. One example of this is the advent of the internet. The Internet has taken the world by the storm and there is nothing that you cannot do with the internet.One of the major advantages of this tool is in the area of marketing. Reaching out to large masses without spending a fortune has never been easier before. In fact, there is hardly any burden on your pocket when you opt for this kind of marketing technique.The other advantage is that when your company has a presence online, customers can access it at any point of day or night without any time constraints. Internet Marketing saves you the cost of printing on paper and mailing details to the customers. All you need to do is draft out a mail with all the important points in it and send it out to the desired customer base. This will help you market directly to the target audience thus enabling better results and faster growth for your business.Though the internet marketing is a powerful tool, there are also some drawbacks that you need to be aware of before taking the plunge. Though the cost of internet marketing is not as high as other marketing strategies, there are a few important costs involved. These include the system software, hardware, a sound internet connection and good website design. You should also ensure that you regularly update your website so that it does not look outdated.With all these points kept in mind and carefully considered, you can be sure that internet marketing will turn out to be successful for you.

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Stock Market Fortune – Learn How To Make A Fortune In The Stock Market

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Learning how to make a fortune in the stock market is something that anyone can do as long as you have the correct foundation. Here are the seven stock market fortune rules that are the core principles of a very profitable trading system called phase trading.Stock Market Fortune Fact: 75% – 80% of all stocks move in the overall direction of the market.With most stocks following the overall market direction, why don’t you let the market make you money? The easiest way to make a fortune in the stock market would then be to only trade with the long-term direction of the stock market. Don’t try to fight the market, but let the market help you make you money.Stock Market Fortune Rule #1 – Make faster and larger profits by investing with the market in both bull and bear markets. If you are not utilizing bear market to make additional profits it’s like leaving money on the table.Stock Market Fortune Rule #2 – Fully utilize the power of compounding to enhance your gains exponentially. You won’t see the benefit on a single trade, but add up multiple profitable trades and you will start to see the power. Even Albert Einstein called the principle of compounding interest the “Eighth wonder of the world”.Stock Market Fortune Rule #3 – Invests only in stocks that have the largest potential for huge gains. Stick with high volume stocks that move in phases for the safest and largest profits.Stock Market Fortune Rule #4 – Eliminate emotional buying and selling of stocks. This leads to buying and selling too early or too late, which is the biggest reason why people lose big in the stock market.Stock Market Fortune Rule #5 – Don’t over diversify your portfolio. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people do without realizing the harm that it causes. Your portfolio diversity should be based on risk vs. reward not just a pure number of stocks you want to have. Would you like to trade only the best super high performing stocks if for every $1.00 lost you would gain $4.00?Stock Market Fortune Rule #6 – Let your winners run. This is the golden rule of successful investing. You might not think it, but it is the hardest part emotionally to follow. It’s very easy to see a stock move up nicely. On the other side of the coin, how bad it feels when a stock takes a short-term stumble. Not fully knowing it will come back up or not. This is when it gets very difficult to keep your faith in a stock. If you sell now you could be missing an even bigger run right around the corner.Stock Market Fortune Rule #7 – Sell your losers and don’t dwell on them. As long as you are following your system and didn’t let your emotions take over. Remember that no system is 100% correct all the time. Keep focused on the longer-term success of a system rather than individual trades.If you precisely follow these seven stock market rules you can successfully eliminate the majority of the most common mistakes that traders make. With this information you should be on your way to making a fortune in the stock market.

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How You Can Easily Make Money Using Forex Options Without Guessing the Market Direction

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In the midst of an economic recession, it may be wise to rethink about your investment plans as well as the makeup of your investment portfolio. Blue chip companies have seen their price shares take a downward spiral as the effects of the credit crunch started to manifest. Under such horrid conditions, investing in money market became a venture reserved for the iron-willed investors who are willing to lose as much as they are willing to gain. What not many people realize is that there’s no better time than now to engage in trading especially when prices are down. In fact, with Non Directional Trading, you can easily make money trading in options, specifically Forex Options Trading.While many investors have Forex Options in their investment portfolio, some of them are quite wary of having a large percentage of their investments in options because there’s this notion of volatility in the money market. While it may be true that markets are too volatile to be predicted, the Non Directional Trading method allows you to make money without having to rely on price movement predictions. With Forex Options Trading, you are not forced to exercise your right to sell (or buy) at prices that are not within your threshold level. The great thing with the non directional method is that there will be no guesswork. This is because it has been established that the chances of a significant price movement will be lower for a specific time as you base it or measure it from the prevailing price.

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